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 Kelsea C.
This worries me that someone would have the heart to even do that to such a helpless animal. I hope that we do take this subject to be more serious in Japan.


Thank you for honoring Kogenta! Animals in all countries need to be protected, and you are their shinning star in Japan.


this is horrible i am using this as my project in geography.


 Caroline Eto
I cannot believe how cruel people can be. I live in england and you go to prison for animal cruelty. Also i have seen one of them petshops in Shinjuku and i cannot believe they do not have water in the glass tanks.


This site has touched me greatly. I recently stumbled across the pictures fo this poor cat on 4chan(a site which i will no longer visit). I nearly threw up when i saw this poor cat and have not stopped crying since. Even i cannot escape the irony of how much pain i wish to bring to this man. May you rot in hell you sick son of a bitch.


The great philosopher Hobbes once said all humans are evil, and need to be governed by the law or religion to keep them at bay. As I saw this site, the remenince of this view of Hobbes was brought to mind. The fact that all humans are evil, held by greed, illness, hatred and envy, while animals such as Kogenta need none of what we desire. BD is one of many who proves this theory, and Kogenta as well. Killing an angel would be a similar offence, wouldn't it? A newborn child? Kogenta was tortured again and again, for the sake of sadistic pleasure of a sick man, yet our teachers like Jesus and Buddha tell us to refrain from such acts...

Kogenta, I give you my best reguards wherever you may be, afterlife, heaven or nirvana. Good luck, and thankyou for your bravery through the bastardly acts from BD's cowardice.

BD = mistake x-x

I sure recieved a significant amount of shock when, after viewing the innocent face of a kitten in the first picture, it suddenly changes to blood and torture. It's sad that some people degenerate into this, and their are probably hundreds of similar people in the world. Being the highest, most intelligient form of life on Earth, it can and does show there are dire consequences for the gift of reasoning and thinking we have recieved...

Unfortunately, this is life...and there are infinite possiblilities for anything to die, and I hate to think that this is one of them. Killing animals purley out of enjoyment and showing off; disgusting, and not funny at all. I'd probably hit somebody if they ever made a joke about this.
I really hope, if possible, that this sort of issue will be resolved very soon...


Why does it have to happen to a kitty so cute! I have every foul of this kind I would like them to be killed! be courageaous little kitty you are in heaven now^^


I hope this sicko rots in hell. How can someone do this? I was shocked by this story. Poor cat. Sickos like that belong in prison, and should rot away in there for the rest of their worthless and miserable lifes.


 Stephanie Somi Yang
I was searching some website for work and I got here somehow by chance. This is unbelievable story.

Cats and dogs are beautiful innocent creatures in the world. How could he do this to that little thing?
I am very sad and it came as a shock to me.

I hope that this little thing happy in heaven. I just want to say "we are sorry" for what we did to you ...instead of that psyco bastard.


 Site master mimi
Everyone thank you for your messages. I am sorry that I don't have time to response each message.
Your massages are giving us energy.

If you are animal lover probably you are worry about animals in New Orleans.
HSUS is there for helping animals who left in the disaster.
Here is the site you might want to check.
You can see video of how they rescue animals.


 Janine Wellman
I just now read the story and viewed those sick and horriable pictures of what that piece of human trash did to that beautiful and inncoent kitten it makes me sick to think that us as another animal species can be so fucking cruel and heartless to do such a thing to something that is much smaller and defenseless then themselves it just shows he has zero courage and should get the same sentence that we gave to that beautiful kitten I would love to get a hold of his worthless ass and torue him for hours on end then finally kill him with a smile on my face I have been an animal rights activists for many years and reading and looking at thos graphic pics wakes me up to the reason why I speak for the ones who cant


 JoAnna A
my stomach hurts and i am sicken by this, just reading those post and knowing that sick people exist is horrible, how can someone get laughter and fun out of hearing any living thing cry, I looked at my cat after reading that and said i could never do that, and i would Kill (yes i would sink down to there level) i would kill them if they did that to my cat, she is a indoor cat so she is safe, I also looked at my ferret and thought the same thing, these people our sick and if japan or anyother place doesnt want crime rates (rapist and murders) to go up then they need to put a stop to animal abuse and murder because people who get sick pleasure off of that, will become are next murders and rapist, God bless this world, we need it, with people like that.


 Lisa Lawrence
I hope this case helps to get the Japanese government to pass harsher laws for animal cruelty. This act goes way beyond simple cruelty, though. I was hurt deeply by what I read and saw. At first, I thought it had to be fake, that no human could do something like this for real.
Stories like this need to be told, though. No matter how horrifying they may be.


Thank you. This site is a beautiful tribute to Kogenta. This little angel is in heaven now, that's for sure.

Learning about this kitten's cruel death made me realize just how savage and evil humans can be. The sick monster who savagely killed little Kogenta will one day get his due punishment and will regret having taken the life of an innocent, defenseless creature.

Little Kogenta is not among us anymore, but this beautiful creature will not be forgotten.

Little Kogenta's life should inspire us to continue fighting for the rights of the beautiful animals that God put on this Earth.


 Mchael Owens
This is sick,People like this should be put in prizion.Some one like this is how how thay start like Jeffery Domer kiling people next,there relly sick in the head.STOP THIS HOWEVER WE CAN!


 Chhiv Leng Koeu
Reading about this alone made me sick. But seeing the images of this poor, cute, beautiful, strong, and innocent cat being tortured enraged me. Unfortunately, there are sick and disgusting people in this world. Execute this sick bastard! Or torture him the way he tortured this cat. He is a waste of space on this earth and he doesn't deserve to live. He is deranged.

It is nice to see this beautiful cat being honored and remembered. This cat should be a symbol to all the other animals who are tortured. We need to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. We need to protect them from harm. They are our friends.


 Michelle Southard
I can not believe the cruelty that the man showed this poor little kitten. What on earth did he hope to prove by doing what did? The sentence to me, was not enough. The people who gave him some ideas should be help responisble too.
Poor little Kogenta, he/she now is traveling the Rainbow Bridge, where she can be with mine and others companion animals.
When my time comes, and I leave the Mortal earth, and make my way to the Rainbow Bridge... my animals will be waiting for me, and I will hold Kogenta, and let he/she know what it is like to be loved.




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